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We believe every child should learn to swim in a safe and friendly environment with the emphasis on good technique taught in a friendly and fun way. 
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Bears Swim School provides a structured course program, following the Swim England learn to swim award scheme. For more information contact us either by phone or email.



We offer Pre-School classes from 3-5yrs

12.30-2pm at Oulder Hill on Saturdays

12pm only at Oulder Hill on Sundays

Beginner classes from 5yrs onwards

12.30-2pm at Oulder Hill on Sundays

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Improver courses

These classes range from level 3 to level 8 of the Swim England Awards scheme
The classes take place at the following venues and times:
Castleton-Saturday 10-11am
Oulder Hill-Saturday  12-2pm

Older Hill-Sunday 12-1.30pm

The New Swimming Club Awards Have been added to our program

The six progressive Swimming Club Awards help children make the transition from the Swim England Learn To Swim Programme to a club level swimmer. This session will be an option following on from the Challenge awards.

All the awards have to be delivered and assessed by a qualified level 2 swim coach. Level 3 Coach Mark Crouch will deliver this session. Swimmers achieving Level 2 of this award can then be recommended to a competitive club.These sessions take place at Castleton on Saturdays at 10-11am.

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Since the beginning, Bears Swim School has had the opportunity to help countless children acquire foundational skills, develop their swimming techniques and confidently move forward in their learning journey. The Bears Swim School have been teaching children to swim for over 30 years since 1979.


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      SWIM LESSONS UPDATE 19th                       September 2020


We are sorry that there has been very little information on our website and Facebook page concerning our lessons re-starting but we have only recently had the go ahead to submit plans and risk assessments for a possible re-start date.


Currently we have submitted those plans and assessments which have been guided by the National governing body of swimming,”Swim England”. As you would expect there will be many changes to the way we operate along with each pools own requirements to add to our plans. Obviously we want everyone to be safe within the pools environment and we are working to achieve this while trying to accommodate as many swimmers as possible.


We would ask all parents, who are interested in returning to lessons to send a reply using our get in touch section at the bottom of our website. Please fill in Name, email and phone contact information and mark the message “Place allocation”. and we will send you the plan and risk assessment, giving you as much information and guidance as possible. After you have read through the documents, could you please respond to let us know if you require us to secure your Childs space, with any feedback if not. We understand not all of the working arrangements may be acceptable to everyone so any negative feedback will be passed onto the centre management for their information and to consider.


Thank you all for your continued support

Mark, Sharon and the Team

Bears Swim School


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